EPE Founded by
Hiroshi Yamashiro

  • EPE was established solely to support parent company Kaneka’s new product EPERAN.

Rapid growth
in demand

  • Within two years of establishment, rapid growth in demand necessitated the launching of a regional office in Matsumoto to support multiple locations in Japan.


  • EPE created a subsidiary called TRICONE Sales Corporation, specializing in air bubble packaging.

New Headquarters

  • EPE established new headquarters in Nishi-Nippori (Arakawa-ku, Tokyo).
  • Taiwan was the first country targeted for expansion outside of Japan.


  • EPE expanded into Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and South China
  • Established it’s first manufacturing location in the US in Portland Oregon.

International Corporation

  • To support our customers worldwide, EPE International Corporation was established.

Rapid Growth &
14001 Certification

  • Rapid growth reached East China with an extension of our capabilities into thermoforming.
  • EPE Japan’s acquisition of ISO 14001 certification.
  • Keita Yamashiro assumed presidency.

Expansion into
Vietnam & North China

  • Re-registration of ISO 14001 to No. JAER 0694.
  • EPE International Corporation expanded into Vietnam and North China.

Dot Technology
was Introduced

  • EPE USA was established with Headquarters in Fountain Valley. Troy Merrell named as president of EPE USA.
  • Dot Technology was developed

Further Expansion &
Development of EP3

  • EPE expansion into Manila, Philippines.
  • Propriety packaging technology EP3 and RSTI’s was introduced.
  • Acquisition of ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Our Global Knowledge

Organically Grown

From our humble beginnings in a small shop outside of Tokyo, EPE has grown to be a global leader in packaging design and manufacturing. with 70 locations in twelve countries. How did that happen? By following two simple philosophies: providing our customers with the best package design solution followed by high quality, on time manufacturing. By following these two simple mantras, EPE has been able to demonstrate proven packaging solutions to our customers across multiple markets and industries.


Starting with the simple fabrication of expanded polyethylene, EPE expanded across Japan providing high quality packaging materials with a focus on optimized product protection.  From there, EPE extended our reach into other Asian countries and the US by following our customers as they grew their manufacturing reach into new regions. By having our customers ask us to support them as they venture into new regions and business is a testament to who EPE is today; a long time trusted supplier of quality packaging solutions.


Along the way we learned new materials, new processes, and most importantly, new design concepts that pushed conventional wisdom and allowed our customers to reduce costs and improve efficiencies.  By leveraging our global network, EPE is able to capitalize on the ever-changing material and labor markets around the world, while providing best in class contingency planning for any global business disruptions.

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