What We Do

5 decades of learning
applied to your products

EPE USA design engineers think inside the box, outside the box, and actually, spend the most time thinking about the box itself. From improving product protection using less material to optimizing closed looped transit opportunities, our design engineers are constantly pushing the boundaries of conventional packaging methodologies.


Global perspective? We’ve got that covered. EPE’s global footprint allows our engineers to collaborate country to country and across multiple industries, providing exposure to new materials and processes to facilitate further innovation in our products. Combined with EPE’s state of the art design and testing facilities, EPE design engineers have a relentless approach to learning, the freedom to explore new ideas, and the dedication to innovate.


Industries we are proud to Serve

One of things we do best at EPE is our ability to leverage best practices and design solutions across multiple industries. We know that best practices in automotive packaging can also apply to consumer electronic packaging. And that great telecommunications packaging ideas work for aerospace packaging solutions as well. We basically take the best ideas we have ever seen and apply them to your products. Good idea, right?

Packaging Solutions

EPE is a direct manufacturer of packaging materials and solutions. Our global manufacturing footprint has been organically grown and vertically integrated to provide our customers continuity in quality, service and support. From bags in Beijing to pallets in Penang, from vacuum formed trays in Vietnam to cartons in Chicago (we could do this all day long). EPE has the right packaging solution for your product.

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Fabricated Foam


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Molded Foam


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Foam and Poly Bags

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Packaging Assembly

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Corrugated & Printed Materials

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Dot Technology

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Soft Cases

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Plastic Corrugated