EPE's Packaging Recovery System (PRES)™

In a world where products are sold, returned, refurbished, and resold, packaging is more than a box; it’s a complete ecosystem of product handling and multiple transits. EPE's Packaging Recovery Ecosystem™ is a closed loop packaging recovery solution that is a logical progression of utilizing your packaging for transits of both new and refurbished products over and over again until it needs to be recycled. This model has proven to help our clients decrease freight costs by 60%, increase pallet density by 50% and reduce annual packaging consumption by 40%. Being green makes green.


Proof of concept

At EPE, we choose to look before we leap, or in this case, ship. The key to creating a sustainable recovery packaging ecosystem is to first obtain a complete understanding of our of customer’s ecosystem from beginning to end. Upon understanding exactly what our customer’s requirements and processes are, we can then create reusable packaging designs and processes that optimize the usage of materials and handling to create a closed loop recovery system that optimizes packaging costs.


Designing for Reuse

Once EPE engineers have a complete understanding of our customer’s current ecosystem, they can design reusable packages that will withstand the rigors of any transit environment while ensuring costs are kept within the financial allowances to recover the packaging. By designing solutions that nest, collapse, and stack, return costs are minimized during transit back for reuse, enabling a completely closed loop recovery system.


Testing and Validation

By implementing trial testing with actual products and packaging, EPE is able to confirm the operational feasibility and benefits of the proposed designs and processes needed to recover our customer’s packaging. EPE utilizes environmental data loggers to measure results, which enables us to both validate and improve upon package designs and usage models before going into production.


Deploy. Recover, Reuse, and Recycle

These four simple steps can save the world, one package at a time. We design reusable and recyclable packaging solutions. We recover the packaging after initial use. We then sort, clean, and inspect the packaging. We send it back into the ecosystem for continued use. Buy packaging once – reuse it multiple times – then recycle it back into itself. That’s an ecosystem even Mother Nature would be proud of…