August 15, 2019

Leveraging our thermoforming packaging experience


Leveraging our decades of thermoforming packaging experience to achieve improved solutions


With experience comes expertise across multiple industries

Thermoforming has many applications, and as a result, is widely used across the packaging world as well as within the automotive industry. EPE’s global footprint allows our engineers to collaborate country-to-country and across multiple industries, providing exposure to new designs and processes.

EPE has gained valuable insight over the years, working with industry leaders in a variety of sectors. Each region has its expertise. For example, our manufacturing capabilities in Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam produce thermoformed packaging solutions for in-car products. They handle everything from interior door panels and dashboards to assembly line totes and transit packaging for headlights and windshields. EPE has every packaging product needed to ensure production lines run smoothly and efficiently.


Our process

The key to creating a cost-effective and sustainable solution is to first obtain a complete grasp of our customer’s ecosystem. Once we understand what their packaging requirements and processes are, we can then design and create reusable packaging solutions that optimize material usage and transit costs. We choose to work with 100% recyclable materials that provide for better product protection for all transit modes while staying cost-effective by leveraging our global footprint. We then select specific manufacturing sites which can offer maximum freight benefits based on our customer’s geographical locations.

Next, EPE completes a full sampling and prototyping process in order to test with actual products and packaging per product testing specifications. Once designs are validated and approved, we start the sample tooling and tooling production. By combining several individual parts into a single mold we are able to reduce tooling costs, materials costs, production and labor times. One key element that allows us to achieve greater freight optimization is to design solutions that are capable of nesting, which substantially reduces volumetric space and reduces freight costs.

We can support our customers through recovering, reusing, and recycling material, achieving packaging solutions with the least environmental impact.


Our closed loop solution

EPE employs a unique, cost-efficient, closed loop system for our packaging solutions whenever possible.  We utilize materials designed for both recyclability and reusability, where you buy packaging once, reuse it for multiple transits, and recycle it back into itself. This model has proven to help our customers reduce material costs, freight costs, and improve their environmental footprint. Our innovative technologies coupled with our global positioning, that allows for the recovery and reuse of thermoformed and other packaging solutions.

We design closed loop packaging systems because they allow for optimum product protection and maximum cost savings for our customers. But we also implement reusable and recyclable packaging solutions because of their sustainable impact on the environment, exponentially reducing packaging waste. It’s a win-win.