April 25, 2019

E-commerce Packaging That Saves You Money


Packaging that can save you money! 

E-commerce Packaging That Saves You Money – The e-commerce segment of your business has taken off now that you’re ranked high in Amazon search results. But there’s one thing that’s vexing you, your high number of returns! Why are so many of your items arriving damaged? Are logistics companies just throwing your stuff around? You haven’t changed anything in your packaging and shipping process, so what’s going on?

On the supply chain side, returns are costly and time-consuming. Reverse logistics costs can largely be mitigated by better, smarter packaging. Packaging that’s designed specifically for e-commerce, and the often-bruising journey that items go on to reach their destinations.

On the branding side, consumers expect their products to arrive intact and undamaged. And when the unboxing experience fails, it can reflect poorly on the company and can turn your customer against you and your brand.

Expectations are high when it comes to e-commerce shopping. So how do you keep up with consumer expectations, keep up with changing logistical demand, all while not affecting your bottom line?



Packaging that’s designed for the e-commerce world

Different packaging works best for different shipments and logistical journeys. For example, a reusable cotton shopping bag is fine for bringing home groceries in your car, but you’d never use that same bag to ship items across the country! In that same regard, your packaging must be designed to protect your items from the demands of e-commerce transit. The best approach is to work with a packaging designer to design a package specifically for your product. This will optimize your pack, which provides for the precise amount of protective material required for your product and the transit lanes it’ll go through. Your engineered package will significantly mitigate damage and lower returns rates, which means your business will save money with every single order placed. If you’re still using any old box that fits your items, you’re risking a costly cycle of unhappy customers and hordes of returns.

Packaging that controls freight costs

Trying to reduce your cost to deliver a package? Do not overlook freight. More than 60% of the total cost to deliver a package comes from freight. By right-sizing your package, you can do more than merely provide better product protection, you are now taking control of your freight. With our EP3 technology, we’ve been able to reduce the amount of material needed to protect your item by as much as 80% in some cases. This allows you to reduce your carton size, which means you can take advantage of lower dimensional weight. If you didn’t know, carriers charge you not only on the weight of your package to ship it, they now charge you based on package dimensions and package weight. Instead of letting the carriers dictate how much you need to pay to ship your product, let the size of your product package dictate how much you can save.

Get Amazon Frustration-Free Certified before it costs you money!

As part of Amazon’s sustainability movement, they are requiring any package larger than 18” x 14” x 8” or heavier than 20 lbs to certify for its Frustration-Free program by August 1, 2019. Vendors who are not in compliance will face a surcharge for every single non-compliant package they send out, which can quickly put a serious dent in your bottom line! EPE USA can help you become Certified Frustration-Free before the deadline, so you can focus on running your business and delivering top-notch customer service.

We help businesses get the most out of their packaging with tested, approved and sustainable solutions, and we’re ready to help you do the same. Reducing damage and right-sizing your product package is imperative for your brand, your sustainability initiatives, and for your bottom line.


Talk to EPE’s design team today and help save the planet through sustainable packaging!