May 11, 2018

Packaging Tips to Survive the Growing E-commerce Market


What every company needs to know to keep up with the growing e-commerce market


Packaging Tips to Survive the Growing E-commerce Market – Online marketplaces are growing quicker now more than ever! Global Retail E-commerce Sales will reach $4.5 Trillion by 2020, ( Take a second to think about the last time you purchased an item online, I bet if it wasn’t today, it was within the last week.


With online marketplaces like Amazon, Shopify and others rapidly growing, the world is getting smaller. Nielsen’s connected commerce report found, “Shoppers are increasingly looking outside their country’s borders, as more than half of online respondents in the study who made an online purchase in the past six months say they bought from an overseas retailer (57%).” (

According to, the 10 largest e-commerce markets in the world are:


1) China: $672 billion

2) United States: $340 billion

3) United Kingdom: $99 billion

4) Japan: $79 billion

5) Germany: $73 billion

6) France: $43 billion

7) South Korea: $37 billion

8) Canada: $30 billion

9) Russia: $20 billion

10) Brazil: $19 billion


B2B e-commerce sales are expected to outgrow B2C sales, reaching 6.7 trillion USD by 2020. (


e-commerce package delivery


To put even more stress on companies struggling to survive in this market, same-day delivery was introduced. No more waiting for next day delivery for your goods, you can get it delivered directly to your doorstep, within a few hours, and in some instances…at no cost to you.


Expectations are high. If you don’t offer free shipping, low cost, and same-day delivery, you’re not even in the game. In order to stay competitive and be a player in the world of e-commerce, companies have to stretch every dollar, evaluate all opportunity to optimize every part of their supply chain.


Our mission, and what has been our mission years even before the spike in the e-commerce market, is to, “To protect our customer’s products throughout their supply chain at the lowest possible cost and environmental impact”.


We have developed innovative packaging solutions to help our customers keep up with the e-commerce market and stay ahead. Below are the top 3 packaging tips that will help every company cut down costs, stretch every dollar, and to stay competitive in the e-commerce market.



This year, we introduced theBOX, an all in one packaging solution for all your mobile devices, cell phones, tablets, and laptops, which drive home these 3 points. theBOX has helped companies be more efficient in shipping their mobile devices, thus saving time and money.


1) Overpackaging. We’ve seen one too many times a laptop packaged in a box, and then placed inside another box, with MORE packaging material around it. theBOX comes ready for you to put in your device, close it, and ship it out.  Reducing the amount of material you are using to ship a product could mean less overhead. No more shipping air.

2) Lowest dimensional weight. Smaller box means a LOWER cost to ship it. It’s that simple.  If you’re in the B2B market, that means more units per pallet which translates to more units per container.  You do the math.

3) 1 SKU solution. With an increase in your warehouse storage space, you can carry more inventory for your on-demand deliveries. Efficiency is key when it comes to on-demand deliveries.


With over 260.2 million personal computers shipped worldwide last year, we saw an opportunity to improve how mobile devices are packaged. If you want more technology facts and statistics, check out our blog here.  If you are ready to talk to us about theBOX, we will help you evaluate other opportunities to optimize your supply chain.