March 30, 2018

Innovative Packaging – 10 Reasons to Use theBOX


theBOX – Innovative Packaging

Innovative Packaging – 10 Reasons to Use theBOX – Some recent stats show that in 2019, around 170 Million laptops will be shipping worldwide, tablets coming in next at 180 Million, and a whopping 1.5 Billion smartphones.

If you are in the business of shipping mobile devices at high volume, and you haven’t already heard of theBOX, you should. We are here to shed some light on why you need to jump on the bandwagon.


theBOX holding mobile devices


1) theBOX is Universal

One concept for all your mobile devices. We’ve fit tested over 330 laptops from the top brands, 100 tablets, and over 150 smartphones used today to ensure compatibility.


2) No Assembly Required

theBOX is frustration free, meaning it comes assembled ready to be shipped. No need to jump through hoops or study an instruction manual to package and ship your device.


3) 30 seconds to package your mobile device.

30 seconds. Period. Open theBOX, insert your device, close theBOX. That’s it. Yes, that’s it.

Even a first grader can do it. Click here to see the evidence.


4) theBOX is Reusable

If you are in the business of sending cell phones, tablets or laptops back and forth between multiple locations, then this is the perfect package for that environment. Just remove the insert, place it in a new theBOX RELF, then ship it out again and again, then recycle it.


thebox by epe


5) Lower Shipment Costs

Money talks. theBOX dimensional weight is smaller than any other mobile shippers out in the market and we did that on purpose. A smaller package means lower cost to ship.


6) There’s a reason why we didn’t glue in the insert.

If you are in the market of packaging mobile devices in high volume, you can use the inserts as an internal carrier in an assembly environment. Smart, huh?


7) theBOX is Sustainable

theBOX is 100% recyclable and sustainable. theBOX insert is made from molded Polypropylene, an extremely environmentally friendly material that is accepted at most curbside recycling programs. We take our environment seriously and you should too.


theBOX small dropping


8) Provides Higher Protection for Your Gadgets, Gizmos, and Doohickeys

When designing a package here at EPE, we put it through a series of high standard testing requirements to ensure the best protection for your product.

Drop theBOXsmall from 300 feet. We did. Mobile device still works. Here’s the proof. Needless to say, it is ISTA compliant.


9) Customizable

theBOX is designed for one purpose, to ship your laptops, tablets and cell phones, but we also understand how important it is to brand your package. We have capabilities to brand theBOX with your company logo, colors, etc.  Just ask us how.


10) Built-in compartment for other stuff.

All your devices come with some sort of accessory, power supply charger, headphones, etc. Sometimes you’ll want to ship your cell phone, but not the charger. We thought of that and designed a package that allows you to secure your device and its power cords and a version for you to ship just your mobile device.


The new generation of packaging is here. Be a part of it.


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