February 7, 2018

Sustainable Packaging – Do Consumers Really Care?


Taking steps towards sustainability is extremely important for brands and companies now more than ever.  Sustainable packaging has become a new way of packaging and will be the industry standard in the near future.  Below are examples and statistics showing how important it is for companies to become more sustainable and make the switch to eco-friendly packaging.


When a consumer is shopping online, they are looking at reviews about the product and the company itself, to see if they are a well-established and trusted business.  The consumer wants a good product, but if they can get a good product from an environmentally friendly company, then this becomes a competitive advantage.


People want to do the right thing and if your company allows them to help a cause, even a small one, they will.


consumers who care



I know what you’re thinking, “Sustainable packaging sounds great, but it’s probably way more expensive”.  This is just not true. When it comes to sustainable packaging, there are two things to consider.


  1. Recyclability of the packaging material
  2. How much of it do you NEED to use?


Let’s go back to the basics.  For example, if you are buying new tires for your car, you would buy 4 tires because your car only needs 4 tires to operate.  Buying 5 tires for a vehicle that only needs 4 is exactly what businesses are doing now, overpacking and wasting materials to ensure protection.


If you know the critical parts of your product that require protection during transit, you only need to protect those parts. This cuts out unnecessary packaging waste from your package.  Now add this with environmentally friendly material your company can recycle and there you have it, a more efficient and sustainable package.


If you look at this methodology on a larger scale, with a smaller package, you are able to increase pallet and truck efficiencies and overall lowering your cost of shipping each unit.


While “Googling” for a product, a person can find hundreds of thousands of brands selling similar items.  Sustainable packaging methods can be the difference between someone buying your product rather than your competitors’.



A byproduct of sustainable packaging is helping to save our world
A byproduct of sustainable packaging is helping to save our world



With the recent poll from Nielsen, a global measurement and data analytics company report, “66% of global respondents say they’re willing to pay more for products and services that come from companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact.” Consumers are actively looking for companies who are environmentally conscious. Moving into the future, to stay relevant, it’s an obligation to be a part of the green movement.


Consumers prefer to do business with companies that have high ethical standards for the environment.  If you’re a B2B company, Businesses’ want to do business with companies that care about being sustainable.  The details matter and our planet needs all of us to make an effort.


At EPE, we live and breathe the world of sustainable packaging.  To learn more about innovative packaging designs and how EPE can help your company take that step to becoming sustainable, click here!


Join us in the movement to a more sustainable future!


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