August 3, 2017

What ISO 14001 Really Means


ISO 14001 is an environmental management system (EMS) used primarily to measure how business affects the environment including energy usage, water utilization and overall ecosystem performance. Protecting the environment is a leadership principle that starts at the top of every organization.

In 2015, the standard was updated to integrate environmental issues, such as climate change. The standard now focuses on lifecycle perspectives, efficiencies, digital documentation and most of all going beyond.

That’s a brief textbook overview. But…there’s always a “but” isn’t there?

This global self-improvement tool is more than just meeting regulatory compliance. To put it bluntly, it’s an effort to save humanity from extinction…quite a sobering thought. Certainly, one that keeps us up at night.

Fortunately, there’s hope.

With global movements such as the Paris Agreement and The Climate Reality Project, many countries and businesses around the world are pushing forward to make an impact to prevent rising temperatures.

EPE is also part of this environmental effort. We work tirelessly to institute processes in all ten countries we do business in that not only meet the ISO 14001 standard but exceed it. In addition to our efforts earning a certification, we’re doing our part to help both mankind and inevitably the planet continue to survive and ideally, thrive.

Our primary design goal is to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Then we design for performance and cost optimization. That’s because we want the best of both worlds where the grass is always green instead of greener. We accomplish this by our Perfect Package optimization process that ensures every package we design uses the exact amount of material needed to protect our customers products during transit.

No more. No less. And most importantly, no waste!

Even long after your product has arrived at its destination, our packaging may be reused or recycled. As a resident of Earth, please remember that no effort is too small. Anything from bringing awareness to using less, opting for public transportation, driving a hybrid car (or better yet, riding a bicycle or walking) to instituting in-home recycling. Every little bit helps.

That’s exactly what we intend to do. Save the planet one package at a time.