March 27, 2017

Bienvenido EPE Mexico: A Growing Presence in Mexican Packaging


¡Hola EPE Mexico!  Around the world with EPE…Mexico.

As a growing presence in North America, Mexico has been providing products for American consumers since I was a young lad running to the Tijuanan markets buying slingshots and Clint Eastwood “Hang ‘Em High” like ponchos for less than a dollar. From those early days of manufacturing in Tijuana and Juarez when proximity to the US border was key, to the vast manufacturing city of Guadalajara that has grown to a global supply scale, Mexico has been shipping their products to the US for years with their own Mexican packaging.

Mexican packaging, you ask? Si mi amigo. Every TV, PC, or cable box produced or refurbished in Mexico within the past 20 years comes a package that is manufactured in Mexico and shipped to the United States. But what about some of the other packaging from Mexico? Anyone like tequila? The Patron bottle (a bottle is a package) is an iconic glass work of art that everyone associates with Mexico and high quality tequila. Similarly, the Corona beer bottle and label are easily identifiable and associated with a great time at the beach and fun in the sun. I don’t think they’ll ever change their packaging – personally, I wouldn’t.

Mexico produces quality packaging in a large scale in multiple regions that mirror large volumes and efficiencies seen throughout Asia. I have been fortunate enough to tour hundreds of packaging facilities throughout the world and Mexico manufactures packaging as well as other countries. Although their packaging is not less than a dollar like my awesome ponchos, the cost structure of packaging materials in Mexico is comparable to Asia and approximately 6487 miles closer, although I guess it depends on where you live.

taco vs. burritoThe growth Mexico has had within the last 30 years is simply amazing in so many ways. Packaging in Mexico is one of those things that maybe no one really considers, but weird packaging guys like me. Late last year, EPE opened up our first Mexican facility in Juarez, Mexico. We are extremely proud of our first branch in Mexico. We are excited about our growing presence in Mexico and being able to support our customers in the Juarez region with local knowledge and passion that our employees have shown to date. Please stop by for lunch and we could talk about what is a better Mexican food package; the taco or burrito?

Lastly, without a doubt, the best packaging that originates from Mexico (at least for kids born in Southern California, like myself) has to be the piñata; a mix of outright bash-it-in-the-head fun combined with a sugary surprise – nothing on earth could be better to a twelve-year-old kid – nothing. The piñata, although colorfully loud and poorly made with a mix of knock off Disney characters and Mexican traditional figures, is solely meant to hold candy and be destroyed as an end result.

pinata broken

Now that’s a package.