January 10, 2017

How Fortune 500 companies are setting the new standard by opting to establish a packaging SYSTEM


In a world where products are sold, returned, refurbished, and resold, packaging is more than a box; it’s a complete ECO System of product handling and transits. Thinking of packaging in terms of a system, denotes that it can be studied and optimized like any other system, right?  Let’s do some math and determine how to create the best packaging system for your products.


We know finding the best possible packaging to transit your products is possible utilizing EPE’s Perfect Package™ methodology. The same math that put humans in space can easily be applied to all products and transit environments.


But how can you improve on a perfect package? By reusing the same perfect package over and over and over…and then over again.


This is where EPE’s Packaging Recovery Eco System takes a great package and demonstrates that reusability beats recyclability every day of the week, month, and year.


EPE’s Packaging Recovery Eco System (PRES) is a logical progression of utilizing your packaging for multiple transits of both new and refurbished products. The key to this is simple, the tradeoff of costs in recovering the old packaging versus buying new packaging.  How much does it cost to collect, sort, clean and reuse the existing package versus just buying a new one? Well, it depends. Factors such as size, weight, and original cost of the packaging all come into play, as do freight costs to recover the packaging. It’s not going to work for light bulbs, though I wish it would and maybe will someday now that some light bulbs cost more than steak dinners, but it does apply to products that are recovered from end customers.


EPE has solved for the reduction in recovery costs by creating packaging solutions that collapse or lay flat during empty return transit.  This allows for the lowest possible transit costs to recover the packaging and meet the cost targets required for the recovery program make financial sense.


As far as environmentally soundness is concerned, nothing is better for the environment than reusing packaging for multiple transits. EPE has proven this financial model to work, and if you take away all of the financial excuses not to be environmentally correct, you get to be environmental correct as a by-product. Weird but it’s the way the world works – don’t get me started.


Now that we have overcome the critical cost aspects of the recovered packaging program, we can address the reusability factor of the packaging itself. Testing proves the math again by showing that EPE’s packaging design can withstand multiple transits, and still provide the required transit protection for your products. EPE collects, sorts, cleans and inspects each recovered package and ensures that only material in good condition is reused in the eco system. We keep repeating this process and keep reusing the packaging it until the time comes that it is 100% recycled.


Buy packaging once, reuse it over and over and over, then recycle. That’s the EPE way of designing and managing a packaging eco system. Hard to beat the math on that system huh?


Enough talk, let’s see the ecosystem in action: