December 16, 2016

What makes a cantaloupe worth $250? An extraordinary one.


Around the world with EPE…Japan


Ok, and I’m not kidding, but in Japan you can buy an apple for $100.00. (Seriously, an apple). You can also buy one (1) cantaloupe for $250.00. Yes, it’s a cantaloupe, the big round orange on the inside piece of fruit. So why the ridiculously high prices for fruit we can get in the stores for less than a dollar? Hint – they’re special.


The apple and cantaloupe in question are ordinary fruit that has been grown and cared for in an extraordinary way.


From carefully selected seedlings, the apple and cantaloupe are predestined for greatness and a life of incredible luxury and pampering from inception. In the apple’s case, even before the bloom of the flower appears on the apple tree, a protective enclosure is placed around the stem where it will protect the apple throughout its cycle of growth. From there, the apple receives daily care and nurturing. Yes, I said daily and it’s more like hours per day. Adjusting the enclosure, adjusting for outside temperature and humidity, making sure the apple is rotated by hand to evenly distribute the sun’s rays and develop an even skin color, the care that the apple receives is more than what most people would get at a spa.


The cantaloupe has an even better life, at least up until it gets eaten. From the flower stage, it too gets a protective enclosure to ensure every aspect of its growth cycle is controlled. It also means that the cantaloupe will never touch the ground, also rotated by hand daily, and cared after like a royal family member.  Again, great life for a fruit huh?


After all of this care growing the fruit, come harvest time, the fruit gets a new home, and what a home it is. They say it’s all about the package, and in this case it holds true. Soft, luxurious velvet and satin cloth cover the inside of the package with custom-made cushions to ensure the fruit is no way harmed until consumed. I mean when you pay a hundred bucks for fruit, it better come in a nice box right?


So what is the result of all of this pampering and care?  A perfect fruit. And I mean perfect. Not a mark on it, flawless skin with the most even red apple texture you have ever seen. A cantaloupe that is perfect in the fact that every ridge is highly defined and even, with roundness and color that looks like an artist drew it. And we are not talking cosmetics only here, far from it. Each fruit comes with a certificate in the box that clearly states the exact day in which to eat it – the exact day will be when it’s most ripe and ready for consumption. Did you get that? Exact date to eat it!


From the daily care to the detailed packaging, these special fruits are protected from the normal environmental challenges and end up becoming incredible examples of Mother Nature’s abilities. At EPE, we are happy to be able to be part of this unique and special process.  Originating from Japan, we are a packaging company that comes from these principles and standards, can you image how serious we take packaging your product?  Contact us today to learn about our innovative packaging process and how we take care of customers.