October 24, 2016

Safe Shelf: Optimizing space while increasing product protection.


The Technician’s van of today is more of a mobile workstation than simply a delivery or repair truck of the past. Today’s technician vehicles need to be strategically organized to allow for the optimized loading of new products while allowing for recovered customer products to be stored in a safe transit environment. From set-top boxes to remote controls, cables to connectors, tote2_full_v1providing a safe and dedicated environment that eliminates handling damage and reduces further repair costs are key to overall cost reductions.


To solve for these challenges, companies historically (like since the tech van was invented) have kept new products in their original packaging on the tech vans, requiring a large amount of dedicated space and added weight to each tech van. Again, historically (yes, again like since tech vans were invented) technicians collected products from the customer and either placed the products back into packaging or simply placed the products in the tech van without any protection at all. Both scenarios are not optimized due to the size and weight of the packaging or the lack of adequate product protection during transit. Sure, it might have worked for the past 100 years but it doesn’t mean it is optimized…until now.


EPE has created the optimized tech van space and storage solution: Welcome, Safe Shelf™!

Safe Shelf is a space-efficient, future proof product storage and handling solution that addresses all the challenges of tech van product transit from new installations to the safe return of recovered products in the field.


totes_near_alt2By incorporating materials and processes used in automotive solutions today, Safe Shelf leverages its lightweight, but rigid strength to withstand tech van transit environments while providing the optimized product protection and ease of use for the loading and unloading of products.


Simple, intuitive in and out access, and customizable to fit any product, Safe Shelf provides an impenetrable moisture barrier, yet a soft and secure environment for your products during transit. With adjustable dividers and shelves that allow for customized product solutions, Safe Shelf is future proof to fit any of your new product needs.


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