October 19, 2016

Hello World, It’s EPE


We’re here!


Well actually, we’ve been here and there for over forty-five years, but since this is our first EPE blog and I know we need a big opening, I went with “We’re Here!



Who are we?


EPE is a worldwide manufacturer that has been providing global packaging solutions to our customers for over forty-five years with superior packaging designs, dedicated (maybe obsessive…) customer service, and most of all: quality packaging products at optimized costs.


Starting in Tokyo in 1973, our founder Yamashiro San nurtured EPE by adhering to some basic principles: Invest time and effort in the best design solution, combined with manufacturing quality products that delivered on time, and overall respect for the customer needs. By adhering to these simple principles for over four decades, EPE has grown to over sixty (60) manufacturing locations worldwide, supporting a wide range of protective packaging solutions from consumer electronics packaging to automotive in car parts.



How did we grow like that?


By listening, learning, and understanding your product requirements and then creating an optimized packaging process to cost-effectively and safely transit your products to your customers.


EPE’s core fundamentals are based on superior packaging design and the optimization of the product transit ecosystem to reduce waste, materials, and costs to transit your products to your customers. To do this, we complete a thorough analysis of your product fragilities and the transit environment your product will be subjected to. With state of the art data recording devices, EPE can measure the exact amount of shock, vibration, temperature, and humidity imparted on your product during transit, and with this data, EPE can then optimize packaging solutions for your products to ensure they arrive safely and at the lowest possible cost.





We are full of it. From Dot Technology to our new EP3 Technology, EPE continues to lead the packaging industry with innovative products that reduce product material and transit costs. By applying new technology to reduce waste, EPE’s focus is on using the exact materials, and the exact amount of materials needed – no more, no less.


Now that we’re here, you are going to hear a lot more about our world at EPE. From how packaging is more critical to your company’s success than ever before with e-commerce, to how global Ecosystems optimize supply chains, and most importantly, to how EPE is committed to saving the planet one package at a time!


Talk soon,

Troy Merrell
President, EPE USA