August 6, 2019

2019 AmeriStar Award Winner – EPE Designs Award-winning sustainable packaging


2019 AmeriStar Award Winners. EPE is proud to announce that our RSTI SIOC (Ships In Own Container) Toilet Ceramic Packaging design has won the 2019 AmeriStar Award!


2019 AmeriStar Awards

Every year, the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IOPP) hosts an AmeriStar Packaging Competition featuring the best designs and innovative solutions in the industry. The AmeriStar Awards are widely regarded as one of the oldest and most prestigious competitions in the packaging world and they seek to highlight the creativity and overall excellence in a variety of categories.

All winners of the AmeriStar Competition will be displayed in the Showcase of Packaging Innovations at the 2019 Pack Expo in Las Vegas this September. The IOPP booth will have a ballot for another opportunity for the packaging designs to win the “People’s Choice” awards. All awarded designs are also eligible for entry in the World Packaging Organisations elite WorldStar Packaging Awards.


Reusable Structural Transit Inserts (RSTI) design

Historically, ceramic solutions have required the over packing of SIOC (Ships In Own Container) designs with extensive use of dunnage in the form of EPS and semi-rigid PU materials to protect the product during e-commerce shipments.  Reusable Structural Transit Inserts (RSTI’s) are based on the minimal use and precise loading of high-density Polypropylene (PP) material that allows for SIOC shipments to pass all e-commerce testing with 100% environmental compliance. A key design element of the RSTI’s is the use of higher- density PP, seen in automotive applications, designed to the exact amount and bearing area locations on the product required to decelerate the ceramic product during transit impacts.

RSTI’s are a new method of protecting ceramic products in transit. They eliminate the need for overpackaging for SIOC shipments, resulting in lower material and labor costs and lower dimensional weight shipping costs in all transit modes.

RSTI’s are designed to be 100% reusable and allow the opportunity for a closed loop ecosystem, designed by EPE, to capture and reuse RSTI materials.  Current field studies demonstrate a minimum of 7 reuse cycles per part. Additionally, RSTI’s are considered 100% curbside recyclable once they reach the end of its life cycle.


Other AmeriStar sustainable packaging solutions

The AmeriStar Awards also featured a number of other eco-friendly food packaging innovations that are also pushing the envelope toward a more sustainable future. In the category of Refrigerated Food, the Roll Over-Wrap Tray by Clearly Clean Products stands as the first 100% recyclable, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) overwrap food tray. L’Oreal, in keeping with their recent commitment to sustainability, presented a Paris Elvive Rapid Reviver tube, which features a low-emission lifecycle and a fully recyclable package. Similarly, the Krylon Industrial Quik-Tap Aerosol, by Sherwin Williams, is a uniquely reusable aerosol device that also can be easily recycled.


Our mission

We will continue to imagine and innovate solutions that connect product protection, cost savings, and sustainability. EPE’s RSTI solution can be designed for any industry and optimized for any product. Talk to our packaging professionals today to learn more about our RSTI designs.