April 11, 2017

Get EGGcited, it’s Easter!


It’s that time of year again when the weather is nice and warm, pastel colors paint the sky, the smell of rich chocolate fills the air, and golden chocolate bunnies hide in your backyard.

We’re talking about Easter, in case you’re wondering.  It’s the second best selling candy holiday in America, after Halloween, comes in about $2.4 billion spent on Easter candy alone. Americans will collectively spend about $17.3 billion on Easter-themed clothing, food, decorations, and other holiday items this Easter.  As a packaging company, this holiday screams creativity and design- the packaging and unpacking of the best gift around, chocolate.

In the spirit of this holiday, we want to take a couple minutes to recognize the most interesting Easter themed packaging that’s sure to make you so “hoppy.”

This innovative packaging makes it perfect to store those delicious chocolate Easter eggs and fit conveniently into a basket.


Not your typical clamshell packaging, this one comes with a pair of eggshells cast in rich chocolate. Inside you’ll uncover 12 truffle egglets filled with the finest liquor recipes. What better way to celebrate Easter?


Keep your mini chocolate eggs safe in this quail eggs packaging.

quail eggs

This is probably the most eco-friendly free-range Easter egg around. Made from biodegradable paper outer shell and foil wrapping.


These Easter bags make a great alternative to Easter baskets and can be tied by the ears.


This packaging was made to resemble the shape of a chick. The “egg” is nested right in its tummy.


Thousands of naturally colored sugar drops coat this rich chocolate egg cover. Inside is a treat for the whole family to enjoy.


This Easter egg made from crispy cereal holds candy and best of all, it’s edible!


This Easter egg packaging can be turned into a mask for children once the chocolate is eaten. How neat!



If you’re feeling super creative this holiday season, Hatch is hosting it’s Tenth Annual Hatch Egg Decorating Contest. At Hatch, they believe the egg represents possibility and the hatching of new ideas. The egg design with the most votes wins a prize: a 1st place egg cup trophy.


Hoppy Easter from our EPE family to yours!