March 21, 2017

7 ways to repurpose your old packaging material


The first day of spring has arrived!  With longer days, warmer temperatures and flowers in bloom, many households across the US are preparing for some major spring-cleaning.  At EPE, we strongly promote recycling and reusing!  Here are some creative ideas for repurposing items that you may find laying around the house during your annual cleanup. 

Some items you may find in your home are corrugated aka “cardboard” boxes.  Most of us have tons of these packaging materials lying around collecting dust.  With just a few simple supplies around the house and a quick online search for tutorials, you can easily transform old boxes into fun toys for kids, or  create convenient storage baskets to be used throughout your house. 



Cat lover?  No problem, we have an easy idea for our furry pals too!


Burnt out light bulbs?  If you enjoy lighting candles around your home, then you will love repurposing your old lightbulbs into oil lamps.  These modern lamps add a nice touch to your décor and can also burn for over 5 hours!

Polystyrene packaging peanuts, an unwanted packing nuisance that fill up our home and create additional clutter can be surprisingly re-used to benefit your home.

Adding a layer of peanuts into the bottom of a vase or planter can improve drainage and removes additional weight from soil which makes the plants easier to move around.  Packing peanuts also make the perfect stuffing for bean bag chairs or poufs that can be placed around your home for lounging!



So before you toss out all your junk during spring cleaning, be sure to take a second look to see what items can be creatively repurposed.  A quick search online will fuel your inner craftiness, but also help to encourage unnecessary waste.  At EPE, we love creating packaging that is innovative and eco-friendly, with multi-use in mind.

Happy Spring Cleaning!