January 24, 2017

How to ring in the Year of the Rooster, the right way.


Millions of people around the world believe that the actions you take during the Lunar New Year could affect your luck in the coming year.  For example, crying during this season can bring you bad luck and depict sadness and misfortune throughout the year.  Sweeping your house and washing clothes or your hair, could mean that you are sweeping away wealth and washing away any good luck for the year.  Saying unlucky words, wearing certain colors during this time, and not giving the right gifts can also bring you misfortune!


So, what are the things that you are supposed to do to bring luck, fortune, and happiness for the coming year? 


Let’s travel back in history and learn more about this holiday and its traditions.  Lunar New Year does not happen on the same day each year, it is determined by the Chinese Lunar Calendar.  This year Chinese New Year 2017 lands on Saturday January 28th.  It is a festival for 1/5th of the world’s population!  Here are the countries that celebrate this season as a national holiday:


  • China: 1.3 billion in China get three days of public holiday.
  • Indonesia: 250 million people in Indonesia get one day of public holiday.
  • Philippines: 100 million get one day of public holiday.
  • Vietnam: 90 million people get at least three days of public holidays, but the holiday sometimes last an entire week by taking away weekends, as in China.
  • South Korea: 50 million people get three days of public holiday.
  • Malaysia: 30 million people get two day of public holiday.
  • North Korea: 24 million people get three days of public holiday.
  • Taiwan: 24 million people get four days of public holiday generally.
  • Brunei: One day of public holiday.
  • Singapore: Two days of public holiday.

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These countries all share the common belief that this season signifies a new beginning.  Everyone looks towards better and brighter things, welcoming in new opportunities and accepting fresh beginnings.  Billions of red envelopes are exchanged with crisp new bills inside for good luck!


To get in the spirit of this special Holiday, we would like to recognize some of the most festive packaging designs throughout the world.  Designer Tay Chem Gem from Singapore produced a lucky red envelope with a modern twist, an origami themed envelope that can turn into a lantern, or a small carrier!  Detailed with foil stamping of a rooster, hand constructed with premium quality, you are sure to receive an abundance of good luck in the coming year or at the very least, you will start the year in style.






Another modern approach to celebrate the New Year is the Coca Cola, “Tet” packaging design by Ki SaiGon from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  The limited edition design is customized with metallic printing of a swallow, peach, apricot flowers, and fireworks all to symbolize a future of hope and a prosperous beginning.  Not sure what to gift a friend this season?  This one is sure to be a winner.


EPE Blog_Coke Packaging



Tea is one of the most common and traditional gestures that you could bring loved ones during the New Year.  Tea Leaves just released their newest tea edition in honor of Lunar New Year, their Year of the Rooster Lucky Envelope.  It comes packaged in a red Lucky Envelope detailed with a rooster printed foil fold.  Each package contains a teabag of Organic Long Life Green and Organic Imperial Oolong.  The tea bag packaging has a symbol of a Koi to signify great longevity and that all things in life are connected and together to create balance.

Happy Lunar New Year from our EPE Family to yours.


Year of the Rooster Packaging 2

Year of the Rooster Packaging 4